Baruch Ohayon - B.A. Electronics Ltd - Israel

' Best service I have received from any machine manufacturer, fast and professional response.' www.ba-electronics.co.il

Chris Watson - Astec Europe Ltd - United Kingdom

' Whilst not having been a customer of Reprint all that long I can already see the benefit of working with such a helpful and experienced team. I would have no doubt about dealing with them for any future requirements.' www.astec-europe.com

Frank Biesenbach - West Instruments Ltd - United Kingdom

(On Leaving West Instruments for pastures new)

'I must say I'm going to miss Reprint. It has been especially good working with you guys. Compared to some larger companies I've dealt with the service you folks provide is light years ahead' www.westinstruments.com

David Todd - Quick Circuits - New Zealand

We received the printer today, well packed and looking very tidy. It is now installed printing boards. It operates very nice - a big improvement from the manual printer we had. Thanks for your service. www.quickcircuits.co.nz

Darby Jarvis - Standard Communications - Australia

(Except from a thread on the smtnet.com industry forum) SMTech Semi Auto printer support. Reprint Services are excellent - even if you did not buy the machine from them. I have had two 100MV machines for 8 years and always go to these guys when I am in trouble. I've never met them and they have never met me but they treat every query with respect and urgency. You can also have a good-natured jibe at their country's Cricket team if you wish, and they won't take offence.

Peter Allgood - Allgood Technology Ltd - United Kingdom

We bought a refurbished SMTech 100MV in December 2004 and we have been very pleased with its performance and "usability". Our business specialises in prototyping so although we don't do a large overall quantity of prints we do have a larger than usual number of set-ups - what particularly attracted us to the SMTech was its flexible tooling and quick changeovers. The machine has been most reliable - a minor fault discovered at commission was speedily dealt with since when the machine has performed without problems. We found it easy to learn and all our production staff set and use the machine themselves. www.allgoodtechnology.com

Mike Calladine - Wavemar Electronics - United Kingdom

Purchased an R29-V via our UK Distributor Blundell Production Equipment Ltd. Wavemar have benefited from a marked increase in process stability and solder joint quality. It has also significantly reduced the amount of manual intervention and has reduced defects on fine pitch work. There been a significant reduction in the use of solder paste and other printing consumables due to the elimination of misprints. Link to full article - Blundell/Wavemar article. www.wavemar.co.uk

Keith Robb - Kane International - United Kingdom

Purchased an R29-V The R29 we purchased from yourselves has performed well and the results on the quality of our finished PCBs has improved with a reduction in the amount of rework we need to undertake. The training and support we have received was very good and the people we have dealt with at Reprint have all been very helpful. www.kane.co.uk Here are some of the many kind comments we have received about our products and services. We are extremely grateful for all comments / testimonials given. Should any of you be impressed enough by our range of products and would like to be added to the list. Please feel free to e-mail us via the link below with your comments.
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