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Reprint - Our Story

In 1999 SMTech Ltd, a leader in the design and manufacturing of Screen printers, and at that point owned by Quad Systems Corporation, was purchased by its competitor Speedline MPM and subsequently closed. With Speedline MPM taking the 100 series semi automatic and the AVX500 over to the USA to be manufactured at their premises in Franklin.

In July 1999 on the closure of SMTech Ltd in order to address this problem a group of four former employees formed Reprint Services. (SMTech had itself been formed by 3 former Dek Employees. Dek being the then number one manufacturer of Screen Printers)

Initially designed to address the current needs of the installed base, Reprint Services was able to draw on their wealth of experience and provide a complete support package designed to ensure that the customers continued to get maximum productivity from their equipment with minimum down time.

As a result of the company being staffed by members of SMTech's original design and production team, they were able to provide unparallel levels of knowledge, expertise and support. The ability to be able to address the market so thoroughly and so quickly resulted in the company establishing itself at an early stage.

With such a wealth of in-house experience it was only natural that they should take the next step into developing their business. From their contact with customers and taking their needs into account they could see that there was a niche market for the development of systems tailored to the lower end of the market with regards to throughput. With this in mind they started to design and build their own range of screen printers.

By October 2000 Reprint released the Compact 29. The world's first entry-level semi automatic printer with a Microsoft Windows interface capable of taking stencil frames of up to 29 inches in size. It is easy to operate via its menu-driven control features and came equipped with extensive built in diagnostics, fully programmable print parameters and Vacuum tooling and mylar alignment as standard.

Following its success with the Compact 29 Reprint officially launched the R29 Series (a 29" Semi-Automatic Screen printer available with or without vision) at Productronics 2001.

With sales taken directly at the show it was immediately a success. The R29 Series offered major advances in the technology and functionality of mid range Stand-alone screen printers and provided benefits previously only found in more expensive systems.

Utilising an easy to use twin camera vision system with digital image magnification for ultra fine pitch printing applications the R29 Series provided exceptional printing accuracy and quality using closed loop servo motor control combined with a robust yet precise mechanical structure capable of taking the 29" standard frame size.

Like the Compact 29 it operated on a user friendly Microsoft Windows based interface. The system offered fully programmable print parameters, unlimited file data storage, built in diagnostics and an intuitive point and click operation for vision set up.

The system has the capacity to handle board sizes from 50-25mm to 800 x 560mm with print speeds up to 200mm/sec and print pressures up to 20kgs. This functionality is enhanced by fully programmable PCB/Stencil separation parameters and an under stencil cleaner option is also available with both wet and dry modes with vacuum assist.

In June 2002 Reprint Services were awarded the ' Better Business Through New Markets Award ' an award presented to them at the Bank of England Conference centre in London by the UK Government's Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative (SFEDI).

In February 2003 Reprint Limited was set up to deal with the manufacturing and selling of Reprint's own Screen Printers whilst Reprint Services would deal with the selling and support of the old SMTech range of products. In October 2004 it was decided to merge Reprint Services with Reprint Ltd as one company for administrative purposes.

At Bias in September 2004 Reprint launched its latest offering the R29 Spectrum a 29" fully automatic in-line machine. This machine went into production in February 2005. And judging from the interest shown so far this machine is sure to be well received.

Now in March 2005 Reprint have built up an extensive International Sales network consisting of 19 Distributors/Agents covering 45 countries and this is expanding month by month.

August 2006 - Essemtec Switzerland agrees to sell the 29" Spectrum in-line machine as part of their own range of equipment. It will be maketed as the SP900 and will carry the Essemtec cover design to match in with their current equipment.

November 2008 - Reprint launches the New R23 Semi Automatic Screen Printer. This is a 23" Semi Automatic stand alone machine with Manual vision system.

January 2009 - The first SP900S In-line dedicated Solar Cell Screen Printer designed in partnership with Essemtec is shipped.

January 2010 - Essemtec AG Purchases a Controlling interest in Reprint Ltd for new machine sales. 2nd user and refurbish models now covered by Reprint Services Limited again. 

August 2010 - Reprint launches the R29 Spectrum replacement namely the Reprint Mantis 29" Inline model. This model will also be sold through the Essemtec Sales network as the Tucano.

November 2011 - A New Benchtop model called the Fino is shown at Productronica. Production of this model starts in Quarter one 2012.

November 2013 - Reprint's Directors buy back the controlling interest from Essemtec AG.

June 2014 - Reprint Launches the Solo a 23" manual bench-top Screen printer

August 2014 - R23 Meteor refreshed with new structure and cover design.

November 2014 - Reprint Mantis Refreshed with new Cover design.

August 2015 - R29-V Semi Automatic Refreshed with new structure and cover design.

October 2016 - New Mantis 23 - 23" fully Automatic In-Line machine designed.

February 2017 - Reprint Ltd and Reprint Services Ltd comes under one roof as Reprint International Ltd.

February 2017 - Reprint International Ltd launches new Web site. Now with a range of seven machines covering the full Gamut from 23" Manual & Benchtop  Semi- auto through 23" and 29" Semi auto Shuttle table models, 23" & 29" Fully automatic in-lines to the shortly to be launched Magnum Large board LED 1.8 meter printer.

January 2019 the Magnum was launched, with the first machine to be delivered in March 2019. The Magnum is designed to print 100 x 100 to 1800 x 600 mm products, it is made to order so can be built to any customer requirements.


Reprint operates a policy of continued development and will continue to design and build for the future.

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