Magnum 1.8m Fully Automatic Inline Printer

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  • The new Magnum 1.8m Fully Automatic Inline Printer

     The all new innovative Magnum printer from Reprint brings you the functionality and performance of a regular automatic in-line printer yet has the ability to print boards from 50 x 50mm up to a class-leading 1800 x 600mm.

    Being fully automatic means reduced labour costs, significantly shorter production cycle times and reduced waste and rejects compared with similar semi-auto printers.

    Constructed from a rigid welded frame, it uses high quality bearings and motors and with 1μm resolution encoders ensures reliable, accurate performance, long life and low operating costs. 

    Main Features

    • Fast product setup and change over
    • Maximum print area 1800mm x 600mm
    • Print speeds 5-250mm/S
    • Print pressure 0.1 to 20Kg
    • High accuracy vision alignment system
    • Simple ‘Point and Click’ Vision Set-up
    • Robust construction for precise, repeatable printing
    • Fast, precise closed loop servo motor control throughout
    • Auto conveyor and stencil width adjustment
    • Various tooling options available
    • Unlimited product file storage
    • Automatic stencil cleaner with wet/dry and vacuum operation
    • Easy, intuitive operator software
    • Heavy board handling as standard
    • Optional post-print 2d inspection
    • Optional automatic paste on stencil dispenser
    • SMEMA interface protocol
    • Low cost of ownership
    • English, German and French languages. Others on request.
  • Conveyor and stencil width settings for different board sizes are adjusted automatically making product changeover quick and simple. The intuitive user software makes operating the printer easy and includes a step by step setup procedure to ensure error-free product file generation.

    Numerous tooling options are available ranging from manually placed tooling posts to automatic tooling options such as Vacu-nest and GridLok.

    Printer options include a fully automatic under stencil cleaner with wet, dry and vacuum assist modes, an automatic paste on stencil dispenser system and a post print 2d inspection system that can simultaneously check both board and stencil for possible printing errors.

    The conveyor system is designed for heavy board handling with fully programmable transport speeds and direction.

    It is compatible with SMEMA and other interface protocols.The ability to print such a wide range of board sizes, its easy of use and low cost of ownership makes the Magnum printer the ideal partner for all your production needs

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