R29 Spectrum SOLD

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  • SOLD

    Being Refurbished + Fitted with a new PC and Windows 10 + Upgraded Table Lift System + Upgraded control board. + Upgraded Camera System + Under Stencil Cleaner. 

    Year of manufacture 2008. Serial number S290084

    This R29 Spectrum fully automatic screen printer sets new levels for productivity whilst maintaining an exceptional price to performance ratio. Aimed at medium to high users, the design is packed with highly automated and innovative features.

    In a competitive and challenging manufacturing world, the R29 Spectrum is an ideal choice for a whole range of production environments.

  • Main Features

    • 736 x 736mm (29" x 29") standard frame up to a maximum 736 x 812mm (29" x 32"). (Universal screen frame adapter available for smaller frames)
    • Unique vision alignment system.
    • Closed loop servo control of all moving platforms.
    • Automatic stencil loading, positioning and ejection system.(Significantly reduces product set-up and change over times.
    • Vertical motion control for stencil/PCB separation.
    • Interlocks incorporated for safe operation.
    • Front dedicated, automated rail width adjustment system. Optional rear dedicated configuration available.
    • Smema FMI interface protocol as standard. Other FMI protocols available on request.
    • Heavy board handling system as standard.
    • Fully automatic vision system for precise, repeatable printing.
    • Easy and intuitive user interface software.
  • R29 Spectrum Brochure
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